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Web hosting is the service space provided for websites on the internet. When a website is created or designed, before anyone (from the public) can see it, a web hosting service will be needed to upload or get it published.

The function of a web hosting service is simple; it renders storage services for uploaded websites by storing website files in web servers (high-powered computers) that are connected to a very fast network. Immediately a search is made for a website by an online user, the internet contacts the server that holds the website’s files which will then be transferred to the user’s computer. It is after this is done that the user can then view and surf through the pages of the website.

Also known as Website hosting, Webhosting is all about housing, serving and maintaining for a single or multiple websites. However, the process of hosting a website goes beyond just providing computer space for Web site files but how fast it connects to the Internet is very important.

T-carrier system lines are used by most hosting services to offer connections. Many companies can share the cost a fast internet via a hosting service for serving files. It will be expensive for an individual business to host its own site on T-carrier system even when it will require the same connection.

Quite a number of hosting companies offer virtual hosting. This implies that they offer transparent services while a set of email addresses will be made available to each website that will operate with its own domain name. Hosting and virtual hosting are similarly related at most times. Some Websites appear to be controlled by a server that is entirely dedicated to them. This is because some hosting companies let their customers (Website owners) own their own virtual servers.

While many companies practice the collocation meaning that the make purchases of their own servers and upload them on a website that has a fast internet connection. This is just a way of using a dedicated hosting service by providing a dedicated server machine. This server machine is set to bring traffic to the Web site. Dedicated hosting is only required by sites that are busy.

If it is necessary to engage in a web hosting comparison, there are a lot of dedicated server providers that provide top web hosting services. A large scale website that has got lots of visitors and that is quite heavy with lots of information will be too large to be hosted on a shared or virtual server. So, instead of sharing space and performance with other users for a cheap web hosting, it is better to purchase a whole server is an appropriate option.

Finding a web hosting company that provides top web hosting services or best dedicated server hosting services is not an easy job to undertake. This is mainly because it involves a whole lot of investment. Shared or Virtual Servers (VPS) offer cheap web hosting compared to dedicated web hosting servers. However, a greater level of security is offered by dedicated servers which provide more flexibility essential for site growth. Here are some web hosting reviews on three (3) dedicated server providers.

Go Daddy Web Hosting

With excellent services such as 20TB of bandwidth and 16GB of RAM, Web hosting services provided by Go Daddy gives customers quite a bit for their money. Although it will cost more than using a shared or VPS hosting, but Go Daddy is very affordable as long as dedicated server hosting is concerned. From a range of options to choose from, which functions excellently on multiple operating systems, any client is sure to find one that suits his needs. As an excellent dedicated web hosting provider, Go Daddy provides top web hosting services.


Some of the best dedicated server hosting services are offered by 1&1. 1&1 has a better web hosting comparison; it allows customers to choose from a range of nine unique packages. Web owners can find a lasting solution that is adequate enough to meet their needs and budget from a varying amount of RAM and spaces of hard drive with each of these packages. For instance, it offers a significantly higher capacity space of 64GB of RAM as its XXL 32 plan unlike other Web hosting companies.


HostGator is one of the most popular web hosting service providers, however, it is not rated higher than others in this web hosting reviews because it offers a more expensive plan with even fewer packages to choose from. However, its four high-quality web hosting packages are excellently spectacular. Each of its dedicated web hosting packages comes with a 10TB of bandwidth while an unlimited number of domains and subdomains can be hosted on all of its plans. Web owners can also access its free site builder and enjoy a 24/7 customer service support. Additionally, customers can experience the feeling of confidence through its 99.9% uptime guarantee.

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